The Authors

Ruben Rodrigues- rubenr (Editor)
Location: Chicago, IL / Madison, WI / Boston, MA

Ruben is an attorney with a background in both engineering and public policy.  He received his J.D. from the University of Chicago, a Masters in Public Administration from Northeastern University and an Engineering degree from M.I.T.  He’s worked for non-profits such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation and in the Massachusetts Governor’s Office.  He also has experience working on, and managing, political campaigns for Democrats.  He’s currently involved in a start-up that creates constituent-targeting software and practice Intellectual Property law in Chicago and Boston.

The view expressed on this Blog are Ruben’s personal view, and should never be considered a substitute for professional legal advice.

Occasional Contributors:

Alex Moorealexm
Location: Mountain View, CA

Alex is an entrepreneur and software developer.  He developed the Tax Breakdown Project to help inform people about where their tax dollars are actually spent.  He received his Masters and Undergraduate engineering degrees at M.I.T. and is currently the CEO of Baydin Software, Inc. which creates E-mail management tools.

Chris Lucaschrisl
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Chris is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University.  His research focuses on causal inference and preference learning, using Bayesian models and behavioral experiments.  He received his Masters and Undergraduate degrees at M.I.T.

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