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February 14th, 2010 by admin

Welcome to a new online forum for posts and discussion on current events on political issues, law, and technology.   Below is an FAQ of sorts about our new site.

Do we really need another political blog?

Of course not!  But Yes, we do.  While searching for political blogs I really haven’t found a lot of original content.  Way too many are focused on regurgitating talking points or spreading news articles.  Some are great, like FiveThirtyEight.com but are very focused.  At DeObfuscate we intend to discuss broad political issues (like 2010 Midterm election), but also become a source for issues on technology policy due to our collective expertise in the area.

Why Politics, Law and Technology?

The focus on Politics, Law, and Technology is an attempt, albeit possibly futile, to have some focus.  Granted, DeObfuscate may become a forum for many  other things, but for now we have experience in politics, law and technology so that’s what we’re rolling with.  That said,there’s currently a lot of interest on the upcoming 2010 Mid-Term elections, so we’ll be talking a lot about those over the next few months.

What’s with the name?

Well, as you may have figured out by now, DeObfuscate isn’t a real word. But ob·fus·cate is: to make obscure or unclear <obfuscate the issue>.  Too many political blogs have turned into forums for repeating talking points and platforms for political “obfuscation”.  This is particularly true on issues of science and technology policy (thus the original motivation for the blog and the name).  DeObfuscate hopes to (brace yourself) “De”-obfuscate the issues: cut through the buzzwords, one-liners, and talking points.  While we expect to soliticit contributors from varying political ideologies, we expect the site to develop with a moderate-liberal focus, though with resistance to deceptive tactics.

Who are you?

We’re Awesome (capital A, mind you).  The Blog will be primarily edited by one person, but will feature a number of select contributors with varying areas of expertise in politics, law, and technology. OK, What does that mean?  We’ve got lawyers, political consultants, software developers, and other politically-active techies with lots on their mind hankering for an outlet to bring up and discuss ideas relevant to current events.  DeObfuscate is that outlet.  A concrete (and public) list of contributors will be developing over the next few weeks.

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