Faceboook Privacy Redux

July 15th, 2010 by rubenr

DeObfuscate’s been away for about a month as we worked on other projects (and got married). But we’re back! Before we get to a new post, here’s a note on our post on Facebook’s Anti-Privacy Monopoly.

In that post we described the anti-competitive nature of Facebook’s policy against the sharing of your FB username and password, and FB’s defense of the policy as a promoting a pro-security and pro-privacy internet norm. Well, looks like FB isn’t so concerned when it’s other company’s usernames and passwords at stake:

That’s right, you can’t share your FB password with others because that’s a bad way for internet businesses to behave… but they’ll gladly ask you for passwords to other services in order to grow their network.

We’ll be back on a more regular schedule, and possibly talking about the “Nullification” movement next week.

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